A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

-=[ Story ]=-

It's that time again, a year later there's a party and AMI has to be there of course.   That's why he sets off, but he quickly realizes that something is wrong once again.

Already in the neighbor's house the trouble begins, strangers shoot at him.  So he quickly packs some beer for the road and starts the wild journey.

But he has no idea how crazy the trip will really be.

The game is full of jokes and fun and lots of references to retro games and the good old movies we all love.  If you like pixel games and also easter eggs from the good old days then you are damn right here.

-=[ Controls ]=-

AmiRun2 is a fast paced run and gun game, grab some weapons and shoot your opponents.  The story continues in each level with an introduction and an outro.  The whole game is available in 2 languages, all characters speak to Ami and he answers them with a fully localized voice output.

Control our hero with Cursor Keys or WASD or  use a compatible controller,  Fire with " CTRL " key,  Roll with " Z " or " Y "  key. Use the " X " key to activate some actions ( Talk People  or open Doors ) 

Please read the Read.me file for further informations.

-=[ Credits ]=-

Coding by Epyx

Graphics by Epyx

Music by Skyrunner    -    Checkout Skyrunner`s Soundcloud

The game is still in development for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

You can download the demo version with the first 4 level of AmiRun2.  The final and full game we want to offer later also on Steam.  The finished game will again have heaps of music and lots of variation in the levels and we even jump through game genres you can be curious.

This project is developed by only 2 people, so the development takes a little longer.   We apologize that the updates are not as fast as expected and hope for your patience.

Contact Epyx at his Social Media links  


AmiRun2_Linux_demo.zip 150 MB
AmiRun2_MacOS_demo.zip 163 MB
AmiRun2_Win_demo.zip 149 MB

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