Added a Highscorelist

We added an online highscore list, now you can compete with others in the world.  In addition, of course, you can enter your name now.  The longer you fly, the more bonus points you will receive at the end.

After the round you can send your highscore, please press enter in the points checkout screen to edit your player name.  The default name AmiRun will not be added to the scorelist, so it is important to change this text with your name. Pressing escape returns to the menu without entering the score.

There are two menu items the first one is "Send Score to Onlinelist", if you press Enter on this option your score will be added directly into the list and you will be returned to the main menu.  The second option is " Edit Name " here you can change your name. If you press Enter after modify your name, your score will be added to the scorelist. If you press Escape you can leave the name input without changing your name.

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