New Content Update is finaly released

We are proud to present you our new content for amirun.   There is now an extra music player to listen to the brilliant music of Skyrunner without finishing the game.  We added more game modes to speed up the gameplay and options to switch Vsync and the intensity of the fake rasterlines and of course we now have our online highscore function integrated.

Our game has been developed within 6 months, it contains 10 levels and additional intro, main-menu, outro and the music player!  Not to forget the 16 music tracks almost every level has its own music and every boss has its own bossfight music!  Plus the jingles when you lose a life or complete the level and tons of sound effects and each boss has his own lovingly recorded voice lines.

This game was made with Love <3

Files 157 MB
Sep 12, 2020 158 MB
Sep 12, 2020 159 MB
Sep 12, 2020

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