40 minutes Music 4 your ears

There is now a new update (v1.15)  of our game. Again we have removed some minor bugs but mainly in the timing of the speedmodes.

In addition, the last piece of music was completely finished and the preview version of the Outro was replaced.  The game now contains an overall playing time of the music for over 40 minutes!

If you still find any bugs please report them to me here in the comments or write me on one of my social media channels.


Amirun_v1.1.5_win.zip 158 MB
Sep 28, 2020
AmiRun_v1.1.5.Linux.zip 159 MB
Sep 28, 2020
AmiRun_v1.1.5.MacOS.zip 161 MB
Sep 28, 2020

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